My darling twin asked me to make a Christmas post like I did for Thanksgiving. Of course I needed to fulfill her request, so here is a post about how my family spends Christmas. I must say, we had a really wonderful time together. A little back story- I was able to get a few days off to head home, I haven’t seen most of my family since August so it was a much needed visit. My twin and I were able to road trip together which was a lot of fun.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy the pics.

Christmas 2012 036I got very sick with the flu so these were my companions for the road trip…and pretty much the whole week that I was home. They helped immensely!

Christmas 2012 037This was one of my gifts that I got from my host family. If all else fails, get me books! I was very happy to receive this gift, very special :) This book was also on my list of books to read for this break. I hope I can get through it before school starts!

Christmas 2012 038I just had to snap this pic. This is Sylvia putting air in her tires at Sheetz before we hit the road. It was early and cold!!! She’s adorable.

Christmas 2012 040Christmas Eve breakfast at Cracker Barrel!

Christmas 2012 041Every Teardrop is a Waterfall :) Listened to this many many times.

Christmas 2012 042I got bored, so I painted my nails a fabulous gold color. Quite festive, if you ask me :)

Christmas 2012 043When we arrived we saw this banner my dad made for my sister Sylvia. So sweet! Side note: he made it at Suremark Signs in Nashville, TN. If you wanna see what they do visit- or

Also what was waiting for us was…….

Christmas 2012 045My parents got a tree!!!! I was so happy to see this huge and bright tree in our living room. But…funny side note- looking out the window you could see half of a pine tree. Yep, that’s where our tree came from. I wish I took a picture…it was quite hilarious.

And it gets better…

Christmas 2012 048

My parents put up another tree downstairs in the family room. So we had two trees! This was a very big deal and I was very excited, obviously.

Christmas 2012 044My darling brother! It was so good to see him :) (I’m on the left)

Christmas 2012 046Awww :) We is excited bout Christmas!

Alright, that’s all for Part 1. Stay turned for Part 2… ;)