Here is Part 2! These pictures are of Christmas Day and the day after when we hosted a surprise graduation party for my lovely twin, Sylvia. Enjoy!

Christmas 2012 052The tree with all the presents! Mom and Dad did stockings this year which has been a tradition all my life. Usually we find them at the end of our bed but this year they were under the tree. I like mixing things up a bit :)

Christmas 2012 054Before gifts we had a scrumptious breakfast! This is how you drink coffee on Christmas morning :) Lots and lots of whipped cream!! Love the Christmas mug, I felt very festive.

Christmas 2012 055This is also a tradition. Mama’s apple coffee cake. Even though it is not gluten-free, I totally had a piece because it is the best thing you will ever taste! (Slight exaggeration, but I think everything tastes better on Christmas morning)

Christmas 2012 058Here’s Mom and Dad with their Christmas socks. This is becoming a tradition as well, which I think is hilarious. My sister Bethany brought everyone Christmas socks to wear and we all hiked them up as far as they could go!

Christmas 2012 059


Caleb and Sylvia. I think Caleb’s were my favorite. Seeing my brother in knee-high socks was quite hilarious.

Christmas 2012 060My beautiful sister, Bethany playing some Christmas tunes :) Always love when she plays the piano.

Christmas 2012 061This was one of my gifts!! I was so stoked to get a printer. No more hiking across campus to the library to pay ten cents per page!! For an English major, this is the best gift ever! :)

Christmas 2012 062Bethany brought her Xbox Kinect and we played Dance Central. We had a lot of fun. We all wore black leggings, our Christmas socks and tank-tops. It was really funny.

Christmas 2012 064Our Christmas feast!! It was a beautiful meal.

Christmas 2012 066The girls sent me this photo…they went and saw Les Mis. I went and saw Django Unchained with the boys. It was an epic movie!

That concludes Christmas day :)

Christmas 2012 068Sylvia’s party! My crazy sibs and the cake. We had fun.

Christmas 2012 069About to cut the cake. You go, Sylv!

Christmas 2012 072The infamous white board. Always has to be decorated for the occasion :)

Christmas 2012 074The drive home :) The beautiful snow covered countryside.

Christmas 2012 077Just including a photo of myself. On the drive home!! I’m wearing a scarf that mom and dad got me. I love it so much!

Christmas 2012 075It was a beautiful trip! I am so happy I got to see my family and spend Christmas with them. xoxo E