Spring semester 2013 has begun and I’m off to a great start! I have officially gotten through my first week. I can already tell that I am going to love this semester. I have amazing professors and the classes seem interesting and wonderful. I don’t feel so out of my comfort zone. It’s definitely nice to finally feel like I’m in my environment.

I am taking an 18th Century British Literature class and we are reading mostly novels. I thought I would be thrifty and borrow our first book on the list from the University’s library. I hadn’t heard of the first book and so I wasn’t sure of what to expect. All I knew was I needed it for class on Tuesday and that was about it. I ask the girl at the information desk to help me locate a copy and with number in hand, I’m off to the second floor. I scan the aisle of books until I find what I’m looking for and my eyes rove the spines looking for the matching number…scanning…scanning…lower…aha! I find Samuel Richardson’s Clarissa. “But wait…this can’t be right,” I think to myself. I scan the shelf for a more manageable volume or version of the novel. This is what I end up pulling off the shelf…




It is a ginormous book! I sit there for a second looking dumbfounded at the novel, which was large enough to be six novels, and contemplate whether this was some kind of trick or not. Would the professor really make her students read such a dense novel in three weeks? No way. But, I was in a time crunch so I shrugged my shoulders and went to check it out. I show up to the front desk and plop it down and say to the girl who helped me earlier, “Found it!” We both chuckled and her eyebrows shot up in wonderment. “I really hope we don’t have to read this whole thing.” I comment and then I make my way to my next class.

Later that day one of my friends tells me she is going to make her way to the campus bookstore to look for our French textbook and invites me along. I consent and we make out way to Lee Hall. As we’re in the bookstore I tell her, “I’m gonna go check something out real quick.” I head over to the English section of the bookstore and scan for my class…and there is the book Clarissa. But…at a much, much, much, smaller scale. I wonder how it was possible to fit such a big book into such a little one! I read the cover. Yes, we were reading the abridged version. (Thank God) I buy it immediately, no matter the bookstore’s absurd prices.

The comical part of this story is the comparison of these two books. Here is a picture to demonstrate.


I’m just glad I didn’t show up to class with that monstrosity! I’m sure my professor would have had a good laugh. She would probably laugh with me…and a little bit at me, as well.

I am looking forward to the many adventures I will have this semester. I hope I can be more frequent on my blog. Anyways, until next time! -E

P.S. Half way through the abridged novel and I love it so far!