I had a moment earlier today and I wanted to share.

I had just gotten done with my grocery shopping and it was roughly around 5pm. I walked out to my car with my cart and my mind was bogged down with endless lists of what awaited me when I got home. I had a busy night ahead of me concerning homework and I had used grocery shopping as a way to relax for a bit and to pick up some necessary items. (Yes, I love grocery shopping). The weather was really beautiful today. It was definitely a bit cold and it had rained last night so everything was still wet, but the sun shone. As I’m walking to my car I look up to the sky and just stop to marvel. I stop for a moment in the parking lot and take in the big white clouds swirling above me, the purplish tint that was cast on the linings, the blue sky…

I thought to myself.

“Wow, I am alive.” I took in the moment and I forgot about my busy life and just enjoyed where I was at that time and place with that beautiful scenery above me.


My head cleared from all the fog. I took a deep breath and continued onto my car.

I just think it’s relevant to just stop and enjoy a particular moment and just realize where God has put you and who you are. Have this out-of-body experience where you just think to yourself, I am right here and this is me and this what my life is and I’m alive! And it’s an awesome and humbling thing all wrapped up together.

I love to love life. It doesn’t always happen but when it does…it truly is a perspective change.