Some things that helped me get through this week:

Sister time- She came and visited earlier this week and we had such a lovely time. We didn’t get any pictures but I found this oldie and just had to post it. We always have a great time together. Even though I still went to classes and did my homework etc it felt like a mini-vacation from my life. What a wonderful way to begin my week :)

From Sylvia's phone 099

This song- Phil Wickham always writes beautiful music and this song really speaks to my heart right now. Love it.

This movie- I watched this movie with a few friends last night. We all took a break from our homework and just enjoyed the awesomness that this movie is. Definitely a favorite.


Knowing that Valentine’s Day is next week! I really love that holiday. I have no idea why but it always makes me so happy :)

be1acd7decb719f3f5ed9050c365c22dThis is me today- all huddled in a study room in between classes trying to get my homework done…and doing a little bit of blogging :)