For my Spring Break I spent the week with my sister, Sylvia. We had loads of fun, here are some random pictures to illustrate our week. I tried to put them in order.

0304131236There was a lot of coffee and fashion magazine parties.

0304131620cWe went to Tutti Frutti one day with friends. I adore frozen yogurt!


We rode the metro into the city one night for a show. Night out in the city :)

0305131316Our stamped hands from the show.

0305131157aThis is her roommate’s dog, Ollie. Sweetest dog ever! He kept me company when Sylvia went to work.

0305131158Sister, after she got her haircut. It looks amazing!


This was a good film for a snowed-in day. Yes, we got dumped with snow in the middle of the week.

0305131528We listened to our favorite childhood music artist, Jaci Valesquez and reminisced.

0305132021Can’t forget about French homework!

0305131520We cooked a lot together, probably the most fun we had. That is my gourmet box macaroni and cheese, one is gluten-free. Yum!

0305131521aSisters :)

0306131159 (1)Took some pictures of DC as we drove into the city. We spent the day there, it was so chilly! But we had fun.


Perfect timing :)

0306131201aBeautiful buildings.

0306131357We walked around a small part of the city. Huddled under the Library of Congress building, this is the view looking out.

0306131358Trying to enjoy the rainy, cold day. She’s so cute all bundled up!

0307131319My last day there, we cooked a late lunch together in her pink snuggie. Lots of laughter and good food :)

0307131332The lovely meal.

0307131458This is our goodbye picture. Such a great week!