I feel validated to write this post because of confirmation from my sister.

We caught up on each other’s lives the other day and we both came to the conclusion that the Easter holiday is not really a big deal to us.

It’s shocking for a Christian to admit something like that.

From observation, it seems that most people have their Easter traditions that are just as big as Christmas or Thanksgiving. They go to church, have a meal, dye eggs, have Easter baskets…the whole bit, and my family never did anything like that. Mainly because my parents did not want to promote the Easter bunny, which makes sense.

Easter for my family was having a big meal and getting together with family, which is lovely but in my family…we pretty much do that all the time :)

I guess a good way to describe my feelings for this holiday is the way that some people feel about Valentine’s Day. Let me explain. There are those people that disregard Valentine’s Day because it is a “Hallmark” holiday and you they say that you should be able to tell the special person you love them any time of the year. My take on Easter is that I should observe the miracle of Jesus’ Resurrection every single day of my life. The whole holiday of Easter has caused cynicism to grow in my heart. And then, the Lord convicted me Easter morning. In a gentle and loving way,  prompting me to sit down and read the story of his death and resurrection to appreciate, to reflect, to respond, and to just let myself participate in the beautiful day.

It was a wonderful way to begin my day. I went to work with a new attitude, with a new perspective and I probably had one of the most beautiful days ever. Serving the public is never easy but I was able to appreciate all the guests that walked through the door, all in their pastel colored and festive clothing, knowing the love of Jesus in a broader and deeper way. It came to me that all those years ago the biggest and profound moment of time is still relevant today. We take for granted the things that seem so common to a Christian walk. Yes, I believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus, that he died for my sins…I’ve heard it a million times. But to actually appreciate and take time to really realize what He did is truly eye-opening and life changing.

I can look at Easter differently now and I am thankful

A lot going in my life right now but the Lord continues to be so faithful! What a fun and glorious God to serve. I just want to say again, I am so thankful. ha!

Alright, hope everyone is having an excellent week