It’s been a hard week. A lot of my past health issues and symptoms have relapsed with no explanation. They just came out of nowhere, which has been frustrating and very discouraging. I also have two more weeks left of school and I’m trying to push through! The most encouraging part of this whole process is seeing how much I have grown in the Lord. When I was dealing with this stuff two years ago, my relationship with God was not so grounded. I was really questioning a lot in that aspect of my life- but now I feel very sure of who my God is and I have been seeking him ardently through everything. I am keeping close communion with Him and just knowing through all of this I can trust Him. My spirits are lifted, I have peace in my heart, and I’m keeping my head up as I make my way through this small season of my life. Believing that it will not last, believing for true wholeness in my body.

Thanks for the prayers!!

Have a great start to your week