I wrote this a while back. Just sort of a raw and honest piece in the style of stream of consciousness. I feel like we’ve all been here at some point in our lives. I remember feeling like this person in this piece; but now, I embrace the culture of sitting around the dinner table and discussing life or having simple, “adult” conversation. I feel like  as a young adult- you sort of have to mimic and “perfect” the way other adults are acting in order to become acclimated into this sort of mindset. And so this shows someone trying to embrace the process of coming into adulthood and I think sitting around and just talking shows a sense of maturity in someone. I could be wrong, but that’s just my thoughts and analysis on this type of setting.

Adult Dinner Conversation

by elisajoy


I carefully and gracefully as possible bring the cup to my lips and take a small sip; polite and dainty enough to not cause any disturbance. My hand glides down and I place the mug back on the dinner table. I sit erect. My legs are crossed and I am sure, at least I hope, my face is solemn and engaging. I am surrounded by people older than me. All are in deep debate over the mysterious renderings of the world around them…and me…I am not too aware of it just yet. But I feel like I should be or that I should know something of what they are talking about. When they laugh, I laugh. And I drink my coffee. Nibble on my dessert and try not to let my mind wander to far off places. Yes, I am an adult now. I need to act like one and so here I am, stilted in my chair and facing the identity of my future. It is a painful process but I have perfected it nonetheless. I think I act like a pretty good adult and I hope the boredom isn’t seeping through my eyes as they glaze over. I watch their faces, intent, wrinkled…much, much older than mine. One day, I might be interested. One day, I might be able to see what they see and scoff at the economy, give my blatant opinion about the leaders of our country…anything to contribute. They ask me, “how is school?” “It’s great thank you.” My eyes shining for a moment and they nod and smile politely and the moment is gone. I contributed. How? By giving them the answers they desire.