Time to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Friends, I just completed my first year at Mary Washington :)

The world looks so differently now! I don’t feel like a huge ball of stress. A weight has lifted from my shoulders and I am ready to take on the summer!

I am letting myself debrief this next coming week as I take time to pray and relax. I will be making preparations on how I am going to tackle the GRE, as well as, really seeking the Lord about Grad school. A lot of exciting things are coming up for me and I want to be ready.

What crazy, amazing semesters, both vastly different from the other…so it will be exciting to see what my senior year holds.

I know there will be a lot of growing and progressing between now and then and the uncertainty hanging before me actually adds excitement to my spirit. Who knows what the Lord has for me!! And I really want to walk in that because His picture and plan for my life is so BIG. Bigger than I can ever imagine- so why would I want to trust my own ways and not His?

A season of trust and continuing faith- this my heart.

Thanks for letting me share my excitement and for allowing me to express myself fully on my blog. I cherish every view, every “like”, every comment…it keeps me believing in my story.

Be blessed today and if you went through finals this week and you’re done- congrats! If you’re still trying to get through them- the end is near. Stay strong!