I’m forcing myself to write a blog post since I haven’t posted one since the semester ended…so shameful, I apologize.

I don’t really have a theme or specific topic I want to address, I just feel like writing for the sake of…writing :)

Okay, where am I at in life? How am I doing? How have I been feeling lately?

To answer all those questions in one word would be – encouraged.

Or other synonyms (because I love words)- uplifted, enlivened, reassured, revived, hopeful…to name a few.

God is doing big things in my life and is instilling so much hope and life for my future. Can I get an amen?

I just got back from a week long trip down to Bristol and over to Knoxville, and then to Nashville. 20 hours + in the car but it was all worth it. I was able to see friends and family which was very good for my heart. I attended a close friend’s wedding in Nashville and what a splendid, amazing time that was! I was able to catch up with a close-knit group of friends that were in my life when I lived in Nashville roughly a year and a half ago. We would always get together and worship and fellowship, just on whims. We usually went to each other’s houses and would just chill and encourage one another. That was roughly two years ago and it was like no time had passed, except we are all now a little older and wiser ;) It’s always awesome to reconnect with people and sort of see how far everyone has come but yet, feel like old friends. I really loved experiencing that.

Before my trip, I attended the Awaken the Dawn conference in Woodbridge, Va and had an amazing time. God totally did a shift on my heart and I walked out of there feeling like a born again Christian! I just felt my heart so ignited for Jesus. It’s funny, because I was saved when I was five years old and grew up in a Christian culture so I never got that “on fire for Jesus zeal” that people get when they’re first saved. And I seriously feel like that! I can’t stop reading my Bible or telling people about Him. It’s a really awesome place to be in and I’m so thankful. After being so tested and tried these past few months it’s so nice to finally feel breakthrough.

I’m telling you, pray, pray, pray! Pray through whatever is going on in your life. Press in, because God will answer prayers. It may not be on your timetable but God has an ultimate plan. I always, always say God wants His people free and to draw closer to Him. If you ask, you shall receive. That’s what I’m experiencing right now. And I’m still praying through and asking for more breakthrough. I want my health to be 100%! I want to overcome whatever is going on in my body. I just really feel like everything that I’m learning and going through right now is going to be so foundational for my life. And I really feel like sharing this so it can be a word of encouragement for other people.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared before-hand that we should walk in them” -Ephesians 2:10

Be blessed today!