I am feeling so much and so little right now it is hard for me to express it into words. I feel like it is important for me to write in my blog to tell of what God has done in my life and what He is doing. Two years I have been battling with unknown symptoms- these terrifying health problems have caused me to walk down a dark path, as well as, find grace and life in continuing to say Yes to Jesus. In other words, these past two years have been extremely up and down. I have been praying and asking and seeking for answers, for something! And God finally revealed it all. I went home this past week to visit a neurologist, who is very hard to get an appointment with, but by the works of God, I was able to see him. He did various tests and he was able to diagnose me. It seemed simple, his diagnosis, but at the same time, all very complicated and overwhelming. No, I do not have a terrible disease or something that is extremely severe. My whole life I have been battling migraine and never knew. Isn’t that crazy? It all makes sense. I’ve been experiencing headaches my whole life that they became so normal to me. I never, ever linked any of my symptoms to my ongoing headaches just because headaches were never a red flag. See why I am feeling so much and so little? 23 years of not knowing that I had a migraine syndrome and here it is, the diagnosis dropped in my lap. I believe that God has perfect timing, that He has a perfect plan for my life. I am simply resting in His peace as I walk in a new season. Not that this new season is going to be any easier, but I get this sense that a door has been closed. No more wondering everyday if something is seriously wrong with me. Clarity. Direction…wow, the Lord is so faithful. I have never been seriously open with my health issues on my blog, I have always alluded to it but I really feel like I needed to just put it all out there. I am still believing the Lord that He is going to heal me. Still praying and pressing through. I’m half way through my summer and the Lord is already doing so much. He is performing such a deep work in my heart and it’s been so amazing. I just love being in a place of complete reliance on Him every single day. I am so, deeply humbled by the touch of Jesus. I just really want people to see Him in my life. To see that through whatever trials and whatever blessings, that I will always give Him the glory.

Whatever you are battling today, the Lord sees you! He sees your heart and He will always meet you where you are at, if you ask. Give blessings to the One who made us, formed us, cherishes us, and delights in us. Happy Friday!