I am back from my Philadelphia trip and I think the best part about being home is having my bed back :) There was much lack of sleep but I survived the week and had an amazing experience. Every day I went out with my team to go into the city and minister to the homeless community in various ways. It was hard because like I expressed above I was functioning on very little sleep but I pressed through. It really came down to a choice of whether I was going to be present and engage with what I was doing or give into the mentality that I had to just press through the day and only think about going to bed. There was a mixture of both but most of all I embraced the circumstances and tried to pour out as much of myself as I could. It was only by the grace of Jesus in my life that I was able to press through and I’m so thankful for the enabling of His spirit.

I am believing full-heartedly that the Lord used me to touch the dark places of Philly and as a vessel to pour out to the homeless community. A few opportunities presented themselves where I was able to encourage and pray for some people. I really felt a boldness come over me as I was able to encourage and enlighten these people about Jesus’ love. It was a powerful experience. I was put in uncomfortable situations, like standing on a street corner and selling a newspaper to help raise money for the homeless woman I was paired with that day. There had to be no shame as I stood on the corner shouting out for anyone to buy this newspaper and find somewhere in their heart to donate a dollar. I kept telling myself, be present, be in this moment, this is where God has you right now and He wants to use you. So I kept a smile on my face and the love of Jesus in my heart and stood out there for hours just pressing through. I got to talk to quite a bit of people and just be myself, it was honestly my favorite outreach moment of the week.

I’ve been reading Heidi Baker’s book Compelled by Love through the past weeks and all this week and that was really my heart- to be completely compelled by Jesus’ love to pour out His mercy and grace to the lost and broken. It’s awesome that the Lord has brought me to such a place of healing that He can use me to pour out His love and grace. I’m in such a transitional place in my life where the Lord is bringing me into more fullness of Him. It’s such an awesome place to walk in and honestly, I’m so grateful. I want the Lord to use me, to speak through me. I have a long way to go and I have a lot to learn so this week was an awesome place to start. To begin stewarding and fostering the desire in my heart to speak the name of Jesus into people’s lives.

I just wanted to relay this part of my journey with the Lord with you all. He is bringing me into exciting things and its part of my testimony, part of my story. It’s a beautiful place to live in just this feeling of complete abandonment to the Lord. I’m so thankful for the way that He was touched my life.