What has been plaguing my mind (in a good way) is the subject of finding my identity. I feel like that discovery of finding one’s identity is a process and journey that never goes away. In every stage of life we have to constantly remind ourselves what we are rooted and grounded in so that we can carry on. Presently, the Lord is revealing more and more of what that looks like for me. Through these revelations the Lord has placed within me not just the search for my own identity but also that of women in general. There is a deep cry within women in our society to know their place and to know who they are. How do I know this? Thankfully I have the opportunity to pursue an English Literature degree which has allowed me to study these sort of issues through the medium of the written word. This topic has surfaced itself as a constant throughout the ages. Literature is such a pure device to obtain the voice of the people in different eras. Even though these authors mask their ideas, opinions, observations, and deep cries through their characters they leave enough room for the reader to glean evidence of their own personal struggles and beliefs. I am finding that female identity is at a loss. That is one reason for the formation of the feminist ideas. There is such negative connotation to this viewpoint but if you look at the very heart of the matter, it is simply women who are trying to find their voice. I want to find my voice as well. I have my own questions and observations that I want to put out there. I believe that God has given me a heart for this matter and so I am thankful for the doors He has opened. Today I met with one of my professor’s to discuss an independent study for this fall semester. She was so receiving of my basic questions and encouraged me that I am starting at the right place. It felt great to be validated by someone so academically accomplished for this heavy burden the Lord has placed on my heart. Hopefully through this study new thought, or a new voice will be birthed. I am not expecting something “great” to come through this but I see it as an open door to lay the burden out there for anyone and everyone. I believe this is only the beginning :)