Sometimes I look around the world and want to break down because of all the suffering and pain. I know that Jesus has saved me and He is my hope, but what about the rest? My heart is so burdened for lost souls. This is sort of a lament for that feeling. It’s not a refined poem, but it should get the message across.

As I search the core of my being

And wade through this miry

I come to the conclusion

That without beauty or love

I am a victim to the sufferings of the world.

My heart wants to cave in, at any moment

Burdened by the darkness of my soul.

I want to bring to light the tragedy

That the human heart is broken.

Yes, I am broken.

I admit it with lesser strength

The calamities have taken over

I am beaten by these changes.

Carry me to a resting place

Hidden in the cleft of the Rock.

The rural ground is shelter

A temple, forcing me to leave behind

All the questions and rendered answers of mine own.

So I run, and don’t stop.

I face the drudgery with a firm face

I am not forsaken.

Even though…they tell me so.

How can one heart take so much?

Surrounding, abounding, multiplying lies

Catching the lows and forgetting the highs

The verses catch the wind of my heart

And I grasp forth while withering away

This is not the end of me

There is a reason for seasons

Why the winter bring death

And we know the rest.

We all wish and hope…

For that fateful day.

I press onward, holding fast.

Because my heart is broken.

Yes, so broken. And unsatisfied.

Touch my life, bring the rain.

Deliver me, Lord, from all this pain.