For those who worry constantly about the future there is a little saying for people like us, “take it one day at a time.”

I have been telling myself this for years now. Elisa, just take one day at a time. Seems simple. Seems applicable to my life. But I have, only a few times, walked this out. Because guess what? It takes so much effort to truly and wholly be focused on the present day. The way my mind works, it is already ahead into next Thursday and every other day in between. I think about things, over think things, process, plan, worry…it is stressing me out even more.

The best part about this little saying is that it is scriptural. Jesus encourages His followers to not worry about yesterday or tomorrow but to live presently. So if I don’t practice this, I am actually not fulfilling what I am called to do! Matthew 6:25-34

What I am getting at and what hit me the other day is that this sort of practice is actually going to take a lot of work. You know when you live your life by a certain pattern and you just wake up one day and realize that it’s not working for you? That happened to me. The other day I thought, this worrying about the future, etc is not really working anymore. I need to try something else and what do I have to lose? I mean seriously, what do I have to lose! I want to change this pattern and actually, truly practice living one day at a time. Only by the grace and strength of Jesus will I be able to change my mindset but I am going to be actively pursuing this vital life application.

Now I come to another word. Active. Something I am challenging myself with this semester is to be an active learner and student. In order to achieve this type of ability I have to first execute the first thing I mentioned above. And then I want to be present and active as a student. This means give everything I have in that moment to the piece of homework I’m doing or the discussion we’re having in class. This is huge and an amazing realization for me.

I just started my senior year at Mary Washington. I have been in Fredericksburg for a year now. The growth in my life has been exponential. So I look forward to seeing the change and growth that will happen these next nine months. (Til Graduation!!)

Have an awesome day. Live for today and only today :) (so cheesy, but let’s be real)