This semester has had a rough start so I’ve been crying out and searching for a way to get through this small season. I know my only answer comes from Jesus and yes, He has spoken. Sunday at church the Lord reminded me how powerful it is to speak scripture over your life. I need to deal with some anxiety and stress and the revelation came that there is scripture that talks about the Peace of the Lord guarding our minds and hearts. That’s what the peace of the Lord does, it protects and guards us from the craziness of this world. Hallelujah! Anyways, Monday evening I am talking and having dinner with the family I live with and I share that moment with them. Sarah, the eldest daughter exclaims, “I can’t believe you just said that!” She goes on to say that this past weekend Kip (the dad) came to her and said, “It has been laid on my heart that I think it would be good if you ladies of the house met together and started praying scripture over one another, I think that’s key for this semester.” Right there, the Lord had united our hearts and we decided that we would do exactly that. We have been meeting every morning since, praying scripture over one another and it has been powerful and moving! I am astounded at the effect. I probably shouldn’t be so surprised…but I am!

This morning Sarah read Psalm 27 and a part of that scripture talks about the Lord telling David, “Seek my face.” And then David replies quite boldly, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.” He says it that way because he has been given the right to approach the Lord by the Father Himself! We have authority to approach the Lord and proclaim these things to Him in authority because of the authority that has been given to us. Whatever Jesus asks, commands, tells us who we are, what we’re supposed to do, we can proclaim boldly and with authority because of what He has spoken. I just marveled at this because it really puts Freedom in my heart. I say a lot, “We can approach the throne of God because we are His sons and daughters!” Which is so true but it goes much deeper than that. Because the Lord commands us to seek Him, to come to Him, we are able to approach Him with boldness. Wow. Freedom. Thank you, Jesus for Freedom to walk in what You have called us to be. So the reality of this is that we are walking in the desires of Jesus’ heart. I can’t express how much the Lord desires and wants His people seeking after Him, approaching Him, and delving into deep intimacy.

To bring this point home a little bit more, The Fosters’ grandparents have this practice, ritual, way of living…not really sure what you want to call it…and basically if you are a neighbor and you see the garage door of their home open you can just walk in, unannounced, and visit. If the garage door is closed then the neighbors know that they are unavailable for company. So once their grandparents had expressed to their neighbors that they can come in anytime the neighbors took their word and started practicing this. For some people, having your neighbor walk into your house boldly and unannounced is a bit of a faux pas…in some circles, it’s just not generally okay. But for the Fosters’ grandparents and for Jesus, it is totally okay :) Because of their word and what is in their hearts. And thankfully, Jesus’ garage door is never closed. Ha!

I really believe that when we know our identity in Christ, when we know we are rooted and grounded in love, and we walk in the full authority that has been given to us, we can walk through life victoriously!

The Lord is faithful. He is present. He is real. I am thankful for His unending love for His children and His grace that covers all our sins. Have a beautiful day and I hope this post brings you Freedom to approach the throne of God and to seek His face!