In roughly 120 days, I will be graduating from the University of Mary Washington with a B.A. in English Literature. This is a dream come true for me! I am thrilled that I have made it this far. Of course I have to make it through this semester and only time will tell. To be honest I am so scared going into this semester because the last one was so rough. I have no idea what happened last fall except that I felt beaten to the ground with my studies. It was a very trying semester. But it is a new year and a new semester and I am praying and hoping for good things!

I am so thankful for an amazing fellowship of people the Lord has placed in my life. We all gathered yesterday for a time of eating, making art, prayer, and all around fellowship. It was a true delight to my heart and the perfect way to spend my last day of, well, no studies.

Our friend’s little boy decided he wanted to be outside and draw with chalk on the driveway. It has been so cold and rainy this past week that spending some time out in the sun sounded glorious to the whole group. So we all followed the three (soon to be four) year old out to the Foster’s driveway to make chalk art. And make art we did.

This was the result of our ambitious efforts:



We started laying on the driveway and outlining one another with chalk. The most amazing part was we made our bodies do things that we were not humanly capable of. Like one of the Foster girls (shown above) was drawn to be flying. Kelly, (shown above drawing) was drawn doing a gorgeous figure skating pose. Another is shown leaping gracefully and as for me, well…I became a ballerina :)



A little girl’s dream was made come true through the powerful expression of art. And then it hit me…I can dance. I am a dancer and I dance through the many trials and twists of life. And that is what I will do through this semester. I know that God created this expression and it really changes hearts and lives. It brings freedom and joy to the soul.

Each picture is a representation of what we should be doing in our every day lives. To soar, dance, and leap through this life. I know it makes the Father’s heart glad when He sees His children rejoicing and expressing themselves through these acts of resistance: to the drudgery, to hope deferred, to the brokenness within us and the world. Resist and make art. Live life. Dance through your days. Rejoice and sing with joy because HE has WON our hearts :)

Be blessed on your first day of classes! (If so applies) Be blessed through this year.