{snap shots into my life}



Reading out loud to a class your free writing exercise piece is one of the most vulnerable and nerve wracking things ever.

Even though Catherine Moreland is a Jane Austen character…she is probably one of my least favorite of the heroines. Although, Northanger Abbey was an excellent read.

Long distance continues to suck and be really, really hard. But I’m thankful for the various ways John and I get to keep in touch :)

It makes a difference when you stand up for yourself and let your voice be heard. Confrontation is not my strong point, but I’m getting better at it!

The days where I spend a part of my morning with God are exponentially better than the days where I don’t…cause I’m too busy, or I decided to sleep in later, or I just don’t feel like…yeah, hard but good lesson to learn.

That birth is really an awesome and empowering experience for a woman. I got a firsthand account from my sister and it was the neatest thing to hear!

I really love Appalachian culture. (Reinforcement from my Appalachian Folklore class)

God can use anyone to encourage and speak whatever He wants your heart to hear. You just have to be listening. He got me at a moment and it was like, wow! Sweet, sweet encouragement from the Father. Thank you, Lord.

I think that’s all for now. Just wanted to share some small parts of my life. Thanks for reading! Share some things you have learned this past week :)

be blessed