There are two really important commandments we are given as believers:

Rejoice Always.

Don’t be anxious.

(Philippians 4)

How often do we actually keep these commandments? I know for me, I am such an anxious, stressed person. Especially at this point in my life because I am a college student. In my senior year, none the less. It is part of the college culture to be a stressed out student. So in partaking of this common behavior of every college student ever…I am breaking a commandment. My friend and I were discussing this very thing today and we have decided not to accept this part of that identity anymore. Instead We are to be anxious for nothing; not even deadlines, homework, getting everything done in time…it’s just not going to happen. So we will be good students and do everything we’re supposed to in peace. Because we are called not to be anxious. Instead, we will pray and give all these things to the Lord knowing we can trust Him. Let me repeat that: We can trust our Father. He will take care of everything.

So we pray and rejoice! In every moment: when we just wake up, whenever we get tired, or cranky, or in lack of coffee mode, overwhelmed, angry, disappointed, when a terrible and ugly migraine takes over a day (yes, this happens often for me)…we are to turn our hearts to our Maker and rejoice! You need a reason to? Look at the beauty around us! Look at the people in your life. Look at where the Lord has brought you and what he has brought you through. and Rejoice! Because Jesus is the answer to our problems and He will answer. He will reach out and pick us back up again.

I am practicing these two commandments and being very mindful of how I live my days. I have honestly seen such a difference in this semester already.

Have a blessed day,