So I was just think about identity and how constant and unchanging our identity in Christ is. Whenever we say yes to the Lord we become sons and daughters of the King. It is something that never goes away and it is something we can hold onto. As our lives begin to change we can always come back to that place of being rooted and grounded with who we are in Jesus.

The reason why I say this because very soon I will be losing my identity as a student. Most people don’t go back to school after getting their B.A. and after they graduate they just lose a part of themselves. They go out in the “real” world and they feel just a loss and absence in their lives. And they begin to question who they are and they have to reevaluate themselves and figure out a new identity. Whether it’s in their vocation, or relationship, or whatever they can find to fill that void. I hear it can be a daunting transition.

For that reason, I’m so thankful that the Lord reminded me that even though there will be a sense of loss in my life I can find my security and identity in Him. I can go back to that place.

It’s just a good reminder for my heart for the upcoming season of my life. A fellow student counted it out: 82 days to graduation I think? Doesn’t sound like that much.

I’m so close!

Anyways, just a little reminder. Be blessed today!