I need to write about something that I typically don’t write about, but it affected me so deeply that I have to put it out there.

I watched the How I Met Your Mother finale last night and it was the most disappointing thing I have ever seen. I have followed this show for its complete nine seasons, so I have invested a lot of time and emotion into this story. I kept following it because I loved the characters and their stories. This show is about finding the one…the one that you love, and committing to spend the rest of you life with them. This show has so many good themes to it, but the finale did not match up with what the show’s foundation. The last episode was a complete slap in the face.

Spoilers ahead.

I loved season nine so much because it was completely centered around Robin and Barney’s wedding. It was leading up to their marriage and also the point where Ted finally meets “the one.” Everyone was going to get the happy ending that they deserve and had always talked about.


After spending a whole season anticipating Robin and Barney’s marriage…they end up divorcing after three years. Ted and Tracy spend ten happy years together until she ends up dying of a disease. Seven years after that, Robin and Ted get together. What!??!!

Nothing about this show left me feeling hopeful or having a changed perspective of life or the world around me. I have no problem with tragic endings, but this was much more than that. It was a complete change of what this show was all about from the beginning. It was supposed to be about finding your true love. And I think it is so stupid that Robin was Ted’s true love this whole time. How dumb is that! It’s not realistic.

This left me so emotionally wrought and disappointed that I will not be watching tv shows for a long time. It is a waste of my life. I can be doing much more productive things with my time than sitting and watching someone else live their life for nine years straight. What a waste! And it didn’t leave me feeling better about the world. It made me sad and heartbroken. That’s not edifying or uplifting in any way. I’m not going to put my emotions through that if I don’t have to.

I think what is making me so upset is the time involved with watching a tv show like this. Yes, I watched it to help relieve some stress and get my mind off of homework. That’s why I watched it in the first place. To offer myself a little bit of an escape. But then your emotions get reeled in and it becomes a lot more than just a tv show. Which is really messed up when you step away and look at the bigger picture.

So I ask myself, what am I doing with my time!? This is honestly just a big wake up call for me. Probably one that I needed. I need to go read my Bible more. I need to read about real life and stories that are edifying and offer hope. I need to read about events that important and meaningful. Not whether Robin and Ted will end up together in the end. What!?!

It makes me so furious.

If you liked it, good for you.

Have a good day,