A big season of my life is ending and another one is beginning.

These past two years have proved to be life-changing.

I now have my B.A. in English Literature! These past two years have paid off and I am a college graduate. What a journey it has been.

Other exciting things in my life is the fact that I am now engaged! So the next phase of life will include planning a wedding :)

I am completely relocating in a huge way. In about a month I will be moving to Mississippi. I never thought I would end up there, but that is where the Lord is leading me. It is a scary and exciting time. I want adventure and to be surprised by life. I know the Lord will lead because He has been my whole life. I trust His plan.

I have wanted my life to be a testimony unto the Lord and I believe I have accomplished that so far. He has overcome so much in my life from fears to health problems, and here I stand in wholeness and victory. I serve an awesome God who never leaves His children and always finishes a good work. He still has work to finish in my life :)

I say yes to growth and change because that is what I am entering into.

Here’s to new adventures ahead. I am very much taking life one day at a time, because I really cannot look ahead and see the future clearly. (Can we ever?)

I will continue to rely on steadfastness of the Lord. He is never changing.