It is time to end one adventure and to begin another. My life has gone through a tremendous change to the point where I do not feel this blog is relevant anymore. I have been writing on When it Rains for over five years now and have loved every second. I am amazed at the events that have happened in my life. I started this blog with the intention of just writing my stories and seeing if anyone could relate. I hope I have reached success.

This blog has changed a lot over time, along with myself as a person: I have gone from scheduling a different type of posts every day to posting pictures, poetry, and even just random rants I have had throughout these past few years.

I am excited for the things that are ahead. I am somewhat uncertain of what that all looks like. Hopefully working in my field, I will be getting married, establishing a life with my husband, and of course furthering the Kingdom of God; because that is my ultimate purpose.

I have gone through the discovery phase and finding out who I am as a person and I believe I have a firm foundation. Your early twenties are not easy. It is a lot of change and a lot of searching. I feel like now I can be settled and secure in who I am as a person and then continue to expand and grow from there.

It has been a honor blogging these past few years, and I am so thankful to everyone who subscribed to and read my stories. This has been so much fun! And the fun will continue.

I hope you all have been blessed, encouraged, given hope, felt important, and most importantly not alone through all my posts. Thank you for reading.


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